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Does Period Underwear Really Work?


I've been wondering?  Many of you have been too as I've heard your questions and skepticism when learning about this newer menstrual product. I decided to get myself a good quality pair and put them to the test. These are my thoughts and observations. 

Women today have more options to use for feminine hygiene protection than ever before. Gone are the days of pads or tampons only and now there are more environmentally friendly options such as menstrual cups and period underwear.  A teen new to their period may not be ready to try a menstrual cup, but period underwear…now we are on to something! Here are a few questions I had. 

What do they feel like? 

The underwear itself feels very high quality, kinda like swimsuit material, and are very comfortable. Having used tampons most of my life trying something different felt - well, different.  

You may be wondering how exactly this technology works so I asked the folks at THINX.com to learn...

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