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Does Period Underwear Really Work?


I've been wondering?  Many of you have been too as I've heard your questions and skepticism when learning about this newer menstrual product. I decided to get myself a good quality pair and put them to the test. These are my thoughts and observations. 

Women today have more options to use for feminine hygiene protection than ever before. Gone are the days of pads or tampons only and now there are more environmentally friendly options such as menstrual cups and period underwear.  A teen new to their period may not be ready to try a menstrual cup, but period underwear…now we are on to something! Here are a few questions I had. 

What do they feel like? 

The underwear itself feels very high quality, kinda like swimsuit material, and are very comfortable. Having used tampons most of my life trying something different felt - well, different.  

You may be wondering how exactly this technology works so I asked the folks at THINX.com to learn more.  

There are cute styles and a variety of absorbencies to accommodate different flows and preferences. My favorites are the All Star Pack and the Fresh Start Period Kit that has 3 different types of undies to help get a teen started with her period. You can save $10 by ordering through this link here. (Affiliate link)

How do you clean them?

If you wear them most of the day you could wear them into the shower before you go to bed to wash them out first before throwing in the wash.  You can also simply take them off and rinse them in the sink.  After rinsing it is safe to throw your period underwear in the regular wash on delicate. The undies will last longest if you do not put them in the dryer and allow them to air dry. 

How long are they good for? 

The undies are good for two years or longer before needing to replace them.  That is a lot of menstrual products NOT going into landfills and money saved. That is an average of 480 menstrual products every 2 years not going into landfills. 


Is there any odor?

Nope! Didn't notice any. 

Do they leak?

Not if you wear the proper absorbency and change them as needed.  Could they leak? Sure.  Be sure to check on them each trip to the bathroom to feel safe.


My experience & two-cents

First of all my period isn't very heavy so I used a moderate absorbency panty (3 period droplets) and didn't experience a leak. After wearing the underwear for a few hours I didn't feel wet, but could feel the moisture a bit when pulling them down to use the bathroom.  However, if you wore them too long or had a heavier period you would really need to know your underwear and when to change them.  If you have a light to moderate flow you could likely go most of the day with one pair, otherwise 2 pairs a day or a 5 period droplet panty for heavier days would likely work for most women. 

I think these are great to wear to bed.  It gives you that extra comfort knowing you are protected at night and you don't have to worry about changing a tampon or a pad shifting in the middle of the night. 

I also think these are great to wear on days you are expecting your period or to just absorb "down there" sweat when exercising. Some women use only the underwear while others use a pad or tampon along with the underwear to protect against surprise leaks.  You could even wear the underwear for extra insurance when wearing white or when seeing a good friend that makes you laugh so hard you pee a little 🙈.   

 I simply love the option of something additional to help even if you don't use it for your entire period cycle.  

 Get a pair or two for yourself, your teen, or a friend today and save $10 by shopping on this link.  


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