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Helping Parents Have THE Talk!

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The Talk Institute

We build and support open communication between parents and their children, create bonds so that children see their parents as approachable, and teach families the knowledge and skills necessary to be sexually healthy today.  

"Before doing these classes, I felt like I could talk to my mom about some stuff, but I didn't really want to, but now I WILL go to my mom about all of this stuff!"

Age 11

"We had a class in the 5th grade, after we had The Talk classes and it was just an older movie with songs. It was not real informing and left you completely clueless."

Age 11

"It's less embarrassing than just listening to your parents by yourself because you have a group of friends there."

Age 12

Open to Public Live Zoom Series coming this Feb 2021

Sign up for an upcoming live zoom series with your son or daughter.

For 6th and young 7th grade Boys

For 6th and young 7th grader boys and a parent. Check out the flyer and checkout page for all the details. Class takes place in February 2021 and size is limited. 

Boys class - Sign up here!

For 6th and young 7th grade Girls

For 6th and young 7th grade girls and a parent. Check out the flyer and checkout page for all the details. Class takes place in February 2021 and size is limited. 

Girls class - Sign up here!

For 8th and mature 7th grade Series

For 8th and mature 7th graders and a parent. This class is co-ed. Check out the flyer and checkout page for all the details. Class takes place in February 2021 and size is limited. 

Co-ed - Sign up here!

LIVE In-Person Courses

The Talk Institute is located in the Palm Springs, California area and services Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Imperial, and San Bernardino Counties in Southern California. A weekend option may be available in other areas. Please inquire about details and fees.

Read more about COVID measurements

The Talk Institute is happy to offer live, online Zoom, and blended (some live/some online during) courses at this time. The course organizer will be in charge of deciding which program suits the groups’ needs best. Any in person classes will be asked to meet outdoors if possible. Instructor will need to access a TV or have adequate access to present using a screen and projector. Families should wear masks and social distance when in attendance in line with the CDCs recommended guidelines. Participants will be asked to sign COVID waivers so neither the host and/or The Talk Institute and its representatives are liable for possible infection. Hand sanitizer and temperature checks may also be implemented as needed. If CDC guidelines change and further restrictions occur limiting gatherings after scheduling the program we will move to online live zoom sessions versus postponing. My schedule will not allow for postponements at this time. If you have any further questions, just ask. 

Sex Education Series

Talking THE Talk is a comprehensive sexuality series where both parents and children attend TOGETHER! Available for late elementary, middle, and high school aged children. 

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Abbreviated Puberty Program

Let's Chat is our abbreviated single class offering. Boys & girls are taught separately about their own hygiene, reproductive anatomy, and changes during puberty. 

Learn More

I'm Internet & Social Media Savvy

Be savvy about your digital footprint, what not to post online, and safety while exploring the internet and using social media. 

Learn More

The Truth About Porn & Consent

Teens learn that pornography isn't all what it seems and consent is key.

Learn More

BFF's & Frenemies

Discover how to be a better friend, keep good ones, and stay emotionally healthy by getting out of friendships that aren't good for you. 

Learn More

Beauty Inside & Out

Explore what builds and tears down self-esteem and confidence. 

Learn More

Reduce the Risk

Understand the dangers of alcohol, vaping, and other drugs and how to resist this common pressure. 

Learn More

"I'm a parent & I learned A LOT! Wish there was a program like this when I was a kid. I've already recommended it to several other dads!"

Chris W.

"The classes really opened the door of communication. My daughter talks to me now more than ever."

Mickie K.

"This class was INVALUABLE!! I can't tell you how glad I am that I took this class with my daughter. AWESOME!"

Kristi C.

"My wife signed us up & I'm glad she did. It will be so much easier to have tough conversations with my kids. I couldn't imagine discussing what we did alone. "

Mike B.

Assemblies & Parent Talks

Looking for an assembly idea for your school or parent group? We've got your back! 

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Hosting a Talk is Simple with this Step by Step Guide! 



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Online Courses

Want to learn how to talk THE Talk together in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace? Our online courses make it possible.

Zoom Live Courses

Interested in taking a LIVE Talk program online?

Can you gather up 10 of your child's friends and parents from anywhere in the world? Let's learn THE Talk in a LIVE small group webcast using Zoom.
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Abbreviated Puberty Only Class

Want to do more than just read a book together? If your child isn't ready for EVERYTHING just yet check out this class on puberty, anatomy, and hygiene ONLY! 

Take the E-Course

Talking THE Talk Elementary

Parents, is it time for "THE Talk"? You know the one about puberty and sex.  We've got your back!

Take the E-Course

I'm Internet & Social Media Savvy

Is your child ready to handle being on social media in today's day and age? Don't guess. Be sure!

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Family Reading Lists & Book Reviews

Learn about great sexual health books that will make talking to your children a breeze.  

See the List Now!

About Jen 

A popular in-demand speaker, Jennifer has taught thousands of parents and young people for over 15 years the importance of being sexually healthy. Through light humor, engaging activities, and story, she creates an open and honest conversation about one of the toughest subjects parents must broach.  Learn more...


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