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Let's Chat for boys or girls is a parent-child online puberty class where each learn about physical and emotional puberty changes, their own reproductive systems, and good hygiene. ONLY.


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Are you like most parents out there struggling with initiating a growing up talk with your child?

What to say, how much to say, and when to say it are just a few questions that may be stopping you. 

Maybe you are waiting for a sign puberty has begun like new hair growth or body odor. 

Or perhaps you are waiting for your child to ask you questions.

What if I told you you shouldn't be waiting at all--that your child is getting a sex education every single day, whether we like it or not, from their peers, the playground, the Internet, or the media, all of which may misinform and instill confusing sexuality messages.

It's so important that you are NOT the only one not talking to your child about sex and growing up! 

This program is for the type of parents that want to be involved in their child’s education about sexuality, parents that don't want to leave it up to school or society to teach them. You understand the importance of young people having accurate and age-appropriate information in order to be sexually healthy adolescents and adults.

This is also for the parent that wants to begin this conversation but doesn't feel it is time just yet for ALL the details - just the basics to get started. You want to dip your toe in so to speak. 

But most importantly you are the kind of parent that wants your child to be able and willing to talk to YOU about this subject!

This requires practice. Research has shown that when we discuss age-appropriate aspects of sexuality with children that they grow up healthier, happier, and less in a hurry to have sexual experiences. When we have open and honest conversations with youth, they can learn to have a healthy sexuality.

I have taken all of the knowledge and experience I have accumulated teaching this subject for over 15 years to 1000's of families and made an easy-to-follow e-course for parents and kids to take TOGETHER to have the puberty talk.  You won’t have to research a bunch of websites, search for videos that you feel explain the subject well, hope your child reads a book you bought them, or google words like “sex." You’ll have a highly trained and practiced teen health professional walking you through an essential talk kids 8-10 years old need to have about puberty and growing up.

Imagine a sexuality expert guiding you and your child through THE Talk about puberty, allowing you to carve out quality time to have one of life's most important talks!

We'll begin with how your child’s body will change during puberty and how their reproductive organs function.  

  Then watch videos on physical body changes, hygiene, emotional changes, as well as additional videos that address common questions and concerns kids have about their own bodies. For example, "The 10 Most Common Period Questions" for girls or "Handling erections and wet dreams" for boys.

Along the way you'll have opportunities to play games and do activities together and have access to an activity book and journal so BOTH of you can dive deeper into the course and ensure you keep talkin'!  

This course creates an amazing opportunity to talk with your child about growing up, allowing you to plug in your own family values along the way.  


We all get busy, tired, and distracted by everyday to-do lists and it's easy to lose time and pass up opportunities to talk with our children. Often times this requires consciously creating and even scheduling time to have these important conversations. 

This abbreviated course will literally hold your hand through an essential puberty talk! Making sure you and your child PRACTICE talking about sexuality together.

Many parents tell their kids "If you have any questions, just ask." Maybe your parents said that to you. I know mine did. Did you ask questions though? Will your child? If it's awkward for us as adults to initiate these conversations imagine a child.

This program is unlike others. Most instructors don't teach the way that I do, taking complex medical terms and functions and making them simple and easy to understand, not to mention fun! I use metaphors, great diagrams and visuals, and use simple language that helps kids understand how their bodies function better.


The biggest gift I have to give however is the tone I set that these changes are not only normal and nothing to be embarrassed about but that it is O.K. to talk about!

I use light humor, games, and activities to engage your child along the way making this a fun experience for you both. 

The easiest thing to do is to actually show you a sample of my teaching style...

Video Sample


Finally - proven strategies to master THE Talk so you can talk WITH your child, not AT your child.

You’ll get over 2 hours of video content helping you and your child discuss growing up, workbooks to dive deeper into the content, access to fun games and activities to deepen your communication with your child AND access to an expert to answer ALL your questions along the way. For only $39!!

Plus, you’ll even have the peace of mind knowing that you have 14 days to get your money back if you are not completely satisfied.  

And really you can’t put a price tag on feeling and being closer with your children.


THE CORE PROGRAM: Puberty and Growing Up (Value $75)

There are two versions of Let's Chat - one for boys and one for girls. Each discusses what boys or girls need to know about their changing bodies. This class covers the basics like:

  • Physical & Emotional Puberty Changes
  • Reproductive Anatomy
  • Hygiene
  • Hormones & Crushes
  • Menstruation & Feminine Products (girls only)
  • Erections & Wet Dreams (boys only)

Activities / Games Include:

  • Parent Puberty Interview
  • Written All Over Your Face Game
  • Puberty Jeopardy Game
  • Parent Workbook
  • Child Activity Book



You'll begin by watching videos on your child's own body changes. This will help children understand both physical and emotional changes that they can expect during this time. Your child will interview YOU about your experience during puberty as well as learn ho two care for their face and body. Boys will learn about the new fluid their body will make (semen) that may leak out at night (wet dream) and what else is going on "down there".  Girls will learn about using all the menstrual products, dealing with cramps, and we address the top 10 questions young girls have about their periods. 


Next you'll learn with your child about their reproductive systems. The metaphors used will make it easy to understand how the body functions and what their bodies are busy getting ready for during puberty. This section even includes a fun review game called "Written All Over Your Face" to play together that is similar to Hedbanz if you've played that! 


We talk about how a new set of sweat glands kick on during puberty making it necessary to bathe daily, wear deodorant, and prevent acne. You won't be the only person telling your child to take a shower ;)


Chemical messengers called hormones are responsible for starting all these changes and will not only change the way you look but the way you feel.  You may also want to feel close to someone in a brand new way and have crushes. All a part of a design for us to have relationships and children someday.  

The Benefits and Results


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Feel confident your child understands and feels good about their changing body. You can take the course at your own pace and you have unlimited access for the whole year for just $39! Such a small investment into your child's future!  And you get a 14-day money back guarantee. What more could you ask for? 

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