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Caught in the Act - What to Do if Your Child Catches you Having Sex

Imagine this... You and your partner are having some much needed and maybe even rare intimate time and your child suddenly barges into your bedroom because they had a bad dream. 

This is a scenario we all hope to avoid. If this hasn't happened to you yet lets first talk about how to make sure. 

How NOT to get caught!

If you want to not have this happen to you, try this...

1. Get a lock on your door and use it when you need private time.

2. Talk to your kids about privacy. Teach them that when a door is closed (bathroom or bedroom) it is polite to knock first and wait for permission to enter someone's room. Tell them that when your door is shut that you would like them to do this. 

3. When you enter your child's room knock or say "knock, knock" before entering. This will model the behavior you want from your child.  

4. Use soft music or have the TV on to soften any sounds you may make during love making.  

5. As your child gets...

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