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Mean Girls 2024 Movie Review

Hey Parents,

Just went to see Mean Girls (2024) – it's a lively and hilarious musical spin on the 2004 hit, brought to life from the Broadway show. The teens are all about phones and social media in this version, but the core of the story remains the rivalry between high school juniors Cady Heron (played by Angourie Rice) and Regina George (played by Reneé Rapp), mainly because of a boy.

Before I get into the plot further this version of the movie will feel similar to the original with popular lines and moments, however, this version offers a modern twist including viral videos vignettes and a musical aspect that brings the deeper emotions and thoughts of the characters to life. The original movie is fast and witty—and so much goes over kids heads. In the musical movie, however, those big song and dance numbers during pivotal moments provide a few extra beats for the messages to sink in. It helps teens understand and appreciate what the characters are...

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Movie Review - Eighth Grade

The film "Eight Grade" shows adolescents as it is for many pre-teens, directed by YouTube star Bo Burnham, about going through adolescence.  In this extremely realistic drama (not your typical Hollywood movie), a socially awkward teen girl navigates the painful territory between middle school and high school. 

This movie while edgy has a brave and hopeful main character and delivers messages about self-love and setting boundaries. There's so much here for parents and their teens to unpack, from mean-girl behavior and too much/inappropriate screen use to the importance of being careful around older teens (particularly for girls) and saying no to unwanted sexual advances. Ultimately, it also promotes open communication between teens and their parents, as well as courage, since Kayla learns to love and speak up for herself. It is rated "R", but most reviews say it is appropriate for 14 and up. Read on to see if it is right for your family to watch...

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