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The TALK Kids Want to Have!


Few parents get excited about talking to their kids about sex.

What to say, how much to say and when to say it are just a few of the hesitations. Many parents believe their kids don’t want to discuss the subject with them or that they’ll just learn it from school, from friends, or the internet. The truth is though that kids do want to talk to parents and other trusted adults in their lives about sex and relationships and we might have been getting what conversations they want to have all wrong.  

According to a report from Harvard’s “Making Caring Common” project, 70% of kids surveyed wished they had gotten more information from their parents about managing the emotions of a relationship.

They want guidance on:

  • “how to have a more mature relationship,”
  • “how to deal with breakups,”
  • “how to avoid getting hurt,”
  • “how to compromise in a relationship,”
  • “how to deal with falling out of...
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