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Undercover High Documentary Comments


A new documentary series recently aired on A&E called Undercover High. It follows 7 young adults (25 and under) who go back to High School in Topeka, Kansas to see what it is like to be a teen today. They acted like normal students while attending classes, making friends and participating in school clubs and activities, according to the show’s website. Each “student” – a youth pastor, former teen mom and others – was tasked with enacting positive change. What they saw, heard and experienced became an 11-part documentary series. 

Of course this is one high school, in one part of the country, but the producers carefully selected one that was diverse and represented the country the best possible.Racially, the student body is one-third black, one-third Hispanic and one-third white. Before you dismiss this show because it isn't in your town, I believe there may be something for adults and parents to learn here.

So far, some of the issues that...

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