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Body Image and Eating Disorders

In honor of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, that I missed last week , I wanted to blog about the importance of our relationship with food. 

Unlike drugs and alcohol where abstaining is the goal. You can't not eat. And every meal can be a battle for someone with an eating disorder. 

This has been more on my mind lately as this past month I have had several girls bring up their body image struggles during my Talk sex education classes. One child wrote in my question bag, 

This breaks my heart... We have to be talking to our kids much sooner than we think about their relationship with their bodies. 

When I was adjunct faculty at CSU Long Beach, I taught a course for three years on Women and Their Bodies and one of my favorite speakers was the OA panel that would share their stories. OA stands for Overeaters Anonymous, basically AA for eating disorders. One of the things they shared that stuck with me was this phrase, 

What's eating you? 

Behind most...

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