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Facing Judgment: Empowering Parents to Use a Sex Educator

Empowering Parents: The Benefits of Utilizing a Sex Educator to Discuss Sexuality with Kids

Yesterday I met with a friend that made a comment that triggered today's blog post. It is actually not the first time I have heard this belief. A belief that could stop someone from taking a program like "THE Talk" or utilizing an expert to help talk with their child about sex. 

She said something to the effect of, 

"I don't understand why someone would need to hire someone to talk to their kid about sex."

It came across as a sort of judgment of a parent that would "need" to take a course like that. 

Facing Judgment

It's unfortunate that some parents might judge others for seeking the assistance of a sex educator. However, it's essential to remember that every child is unique, and every parent's journey is different. Seeking help from experts is a testament to a parent's dedication to ensuring their children receive the best guidance and information possible. If there is  judgment from others, remind yourself that you are making an informed choice to raise a sexually healthy child.

Among the many essential conversations we must have with our kids, discussing sexuality is a particularly daunting one for many. It's natural for parents to feel apprehensive or uncertain about broaching this subject, but seeking help from a sex educator can be a game-changer in facilitating open and constructive dialogues.

In fact, the feedback I often hear is how very helpful our programs are in starting some conversations you didn't know how to start, and even some topics you hadn't thought of. 

It is important for me to explore with you also the reasons why parents should embrace the idea of using a sex educator to assist them in talking to their kids about sexuality, and why there's no shame in doing so. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Expertise and Accuracy

Sex education is a specialized field that encompasses more than just biology; it addresses emotional, psychological, and social aspects of sexuality. Sex educators are trained professionals who possess in-depth knowledge about human development, gender, consent, relationships, and various other crucial topics. By seeking their expertise, parents can ensure they are providing accurate and age-appropriate information to their children, thus avoiding common misconceptions or stereotypes that may otherwise perpetuate.

  1. Addressing Personal Biases

As much as we may strive to be open-minded, parents can unintentionally bring their personal biases into discussions about sex and relationships. A sex educator can help us identify and address these biases, enabling us to have more inclusive and unbiased conversations with our children. Embracing diverse perspectives fosters an environment of acceptance and respect, allowing our kids to develop healthier attitudes towards their bodies and those of others.

  1. Navigating Tricky Questions

Children are naturally curious, and when it comes to sexuality, they might ask questions that catch us off guard. A sex educator can equip parents with effective ways to respond to these queries with age-appropriate and honest answers. In our programs parents also see modeling from instructors on how to positively approach topics and questions. We are able to also teach parents how to foster an ongoing dialogue, making children feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics whenever they need to.

  1. Normalizing the Conversation

One of the biggest challenges parents face is normalizing discussions about sex and relationships. In many cultures, there's a taboo surrounding these topics, leading to misinformation, shame, and secrecy. A sex educator can help parents understand the importance of normalizing these conversations, emphasizing that discussing sexuality is a part of healthy human development.

  1. Bridging Generational Gaps

Times have changed, and so has the landscape of sex education. What parents were taught in their youth might not be relevant or accurate today. A sex educator can bridge this generational gap by providing up-to-date information, incorporating discussions on consent, online safety, and LGBTQ+ topics, which may not have been widely covered in previous generations.

  1. Confidence for Parents

Confidence is crucial when having sensitive conversations with our kids. A sex educator can boost parents' confidence by assuring them that seeking help is a sign of responsible parenting, not a weakness. By learning effective communication techniques and age-appropriate language, parents can tackle these conversations with more poise and efficacy.

7. Carving Out Quality Time

We all get busy and even well intentioned parents can find it difficult to find an opportunity to bring up a topic like sexuality. What to say, how much to say, or when to say it are typical hesitations. But beyond that when we think about some of life's most important conversations I belief hands down this is one of them. Talks about bodies, how they function, relationships, love, boundaries and consent, babies, and all the things. Our courses carve out the time in your schedule to learn along with your child. Discussing your beliefs and values along the way. Sharing your own experiences and stories and hearing from others creates community and supportive group norms among your child's peer group. It also creates a network of other families that your child may feel comfortable talking to as well. And finally - if talking is truly a skill - we must practice it. In our programs we break out often for  parent-child chats allowing space for these important family conversations.


Talking to our kids about sexuality is an essential aspect of parenting, but it can be complex and intimidating. As parents, we should not hesitate to seek the guidance of sex educators who can provide valuable expertise, address personal biases, and empower us to engage in open, healthy discussions with our children. Embracing the role of a sex educator in our parenting journey is a proactive and responsible step towards raising well-informed, confident, and respectful individuals. Let's celebrate the courage it takes to seek help and prioritize our children's development over any judgment we might face from others. Together, we can create a more informed and understanding society for the generations to come. I hope to see you soon in one of our programs. 


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