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Life Talks Pilot

This is hard for are you holding up?

These past weeks have been nothing short of crazy.

Life looks different, doesn’t it?

The streets are empty and quiet. Kids are home from school. Multiple businesses have shut their doors. 

We can’t change what is happening with the world, but we CAN change our mindset around it. 

We are being forced to decide how we will approach the future, but I want to remind you that we were MADE for moments like these. 

Our character shines bright in moments of despair by helping others. There are so many important life lessons to be gleaned from this experience. 

I started The Talk Institute because I know the value of connectedness and I understand many of you may be struggling helping your children understand what all that is happening means. 

Managing fear, anxiety, boredom, disappointment, loneliness, scarcity, friendships, and more. 

I've been inspired to work on a new course offering that I'm going to call "Life Talks". The Connecting during social distancing is my pilot for it! 

A place where parents and their children can have these and other meaningful conversations in virtual groups.

I act mostly as the facilitator guiding the group and posing powerful questions to get families thinking about life.  

Managing powerful emotions, training your brain for mindset, navigating all types of relationships, character building, goal setting, self-mastery, and more.

It would carve out time in your schedule for these important conversations. Help guide your family during this difficult time. 

Each live 60 minute virtual class is broken up into a short lecture, activity, discussion, then Q&A.  

You must register to attend but it will be FREE! I will only ask that you help provide feedback and input to help shape the program for future participants. 

While no one has a crystal ball to see the future, we at THE TALK INSTITUTE will be here to provide support, expert advice, and companionship (although virtual). 

Most importantly, please take care of yourself.   We are all feeling an even bigger burden for caring for our loved ones of all ages, but we can’t do that if we don’t look after ourselves.

Stay well and let's keep talking'! Sign up TODAY!