I'm Internet & Social Media Savvy Online Course

Parents and their 9-14 year old children will learn how to stay healthy and safe online in this interactive E-course designed to help parents and kids keep talkin!

Parents...Is your child ready to handle being on social media in today's day and age? 

Kids are all over the Internet these days, making it so important for parents to be sure to talk to their kids about being safe, as well as discuss what information should be kept OFF the Internet. Could you use a little support in stressing the importance of protecting against predators and preserving your child's reputation online? What about discussing cyber bullying, social networking do’s and don’ts, when/where not to post, email account tips, privacy, and safety online. It can be difficult making sure your child knows all of this all by yourself. 

What if there was some help? 

Being Internet & Social Media Savvy is an online course designed to be watched by parents and their children ages 10-14 years old together!  Enjoy over an hour of video content, along with a variety of support videos to help make points clear.  We conclude with a scenario activity to make sure you and your child are on the same page when it comes to risky online behavior. 

"Truly an incredible opportunity to participate in a guided conversation with your child around social media and Internet safety." - Patty Cowen

All of this for...

Video Sample

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Still not sure?

You'll have unlimited access to watch the course again and again with each of your children when they are ready!  Don't leave your child's digital online reputation up to chance!  Feel confident when purchasing new technology for your kids that they know what not to post on their social networks.  It is a small investment into your child's future! 

The Favorite Parts

The Infamous 12 Things to Never Post on Social Media.

The e-course has several sections including a parent favorite, "12 Things to Never Post on Social Media."  We explain each in detail and include examples. Here are 5 of the 12 things: post emotionally, bully or threaten violence, post private images or information, meet strangers, and over share! 

Guided Conversations with your child throughout!

After each video there are further conversation questions for you to have with your child. Watch intriguing example videos throughout. 


Access to Jen's private online community. (PRICELESS!)

You can ask Jen any questions you have along the way. Jen personally responds to comments made in the course!

All of this is taught by Jen Elledge personally.

That means you get an in-demand adolescent health expert teaching YOU and YOUR CHILD TOGETHER how to be safe online and maintain a good digital footprint!

Don't guess that your child knows what they need to be safe online! Sign up now!

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