Hosting a Private Talk Class is Simple!

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"I LOVED learning with a close knit group of like-minded families."

Patty C.
Past Talk Host

"It ensures your child's peer group has the same foundation of knowledge while also creating a community of other parents your child can also go to. "

Mickie K.
Past Talk Host

"It was so amazing to have this experience with my son's friends and their parents. The sense of community is fabulous!"

Liz D.
Past Talk Host

In the FREE guide you'll learn the simple steps to hosting:

  • Step 1 - Pick a class
  • Step 3 - Contact us to check availability of instructors


  • Step 5 - Make sure location has everything needed


  • Step 2 - Decide who to invite. We even provide an email template!


  • Step 4 - Pick a location, dates, and times


  • Step 6 - Inform your child

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