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For Elementary, Middle, & High Schools

I'm Internet & Social Media Savvy

We emphasize the importance of being safe, including what information should be kept OFF the Internet to protect against predators and to keep from developing a bad digital footprint. 

Bully Proof

This workshop discusses how to recognize bully behavior. How to be an upstander instead of a bystander and steps to stop bullying. We focus on creating a bully-proof culture at your school. 

Let's Chat

 “Let’s Chat” is a parent-child 2 1/2-hour puberty class for 9-11 year olds. Both learn together about their own reproductive systems, physical and emotional changes, crushes, and good hygiene. Boys and girls taught separately. 

BFFs & Frenemies

Preteen and teen social life is a minefield of drama, secrets, cliques, bullies, jealousy, and gossip. In this course we give kids tips on how to fit in and what to do about feeling left out.

Beautiful Inside & Out

What does being beautiful really mean? We explore what builds and tears down self-esteem and confidence. We examine how women are portrayed in the media and decipher what's true and what's baloney.

Under Pressure

Kids learn tips and techniques to take the pressure off of being pressured. They learn the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication and how to use their body language, tone, and words to combat unwanted pressure. Includes role plays and mock situations to practice.

Parent Talks

For groups of 10 to 100.

Preparing for THE Talk

For parents looking for strategizes to begin, continue, and feel confident in handling one of life’s notorious conversations.

This is an education event for parents of all-aged children and perfect for Elementary school parent talks.


Opportunity Knocks for Dads

Designed for dads only and is an excellent follow-up to our Talk 1 for Girls program. This is your opportunity to learn how to teach your daughter to expect honesty and respect from men while understanding how to best support your daughter throughout puberty.

5 Things Parents Do Wrong When Talking THE Talk

Learn the 5 tragic mistakes many parents make when discussing sex and growing up with their children and strategies to avoid them. 

Teens & Sex Today

Arm yourself with the latest information, trends, and statistics regarding teen sex. Weaving in hot topics like social media and pornography. This customizable talk will keep parents of pre-teens and teenagers in the know. 


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