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A Four-Week Online Sex Education Program For Parents & Their 12-14 year olds to take TOGETHER!


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Finally a comprehensive online course you can take with your child! Forget the five-minute awkward conversation and replace it with a unique experience learning with your child, allowing you to instill your family values along the way. Learn from the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. For parents and children 12-14 years old. We've got your back!

Do you find it difficult to start a sex conversation with your child, like the majority of parents?

What to say, how much to say, and when to say it are just a few of the questions that may be holding you back.

Perhaps you're looking for signs of puberty, such as new hair growth or body odor.

Maybe you're waiting for your child to ask you a question.

What if I told you that you shouldn't be waiting at all?

That your child is learning a sex education every day from peers, the playground, the Internet, and media, all of which may misinform and instill confusing sexuality messages.

It is critical that you are not the only parent who does not discuss sex with your child!

This program is designed for parents who want to be involved in their child's sexual education. Parents who do not want their children to be taught about sex by school or society.

You recognize the significance of providing accurate and age-appropriate information to young people in order for them to be sexually healthy adolescents and adults.

Above all, you want your child to be able and willing to discuss this topic with you!

When we discuss age-appropriate aspects of sexuality with children, they grow up healthier, happier, and less eager to have sexual experiences, according to research. Youth can learn to have a healthy sexuality if we have open and honest conversations with them.

I've taken all of the knowledge and experience I've gained from teaching this subject to thousands of families over the past 20 years and created an easy-to-follow program for parents and children to take TOGETHER.

You won't have to research through a various of websites, look for videos that you believe adequately explain the subject, hope your child reads a book you bought them, or Google words like "sex."

A highly trained and experienced teen health professional will guide you through the important conversations kids 12-14 years old need to have about puberty, sex, and growing up.

Imagine a sexuality expert guiding you and your child through THE Talk about puberty and what sex is, allowing you to make time for one of life's most important conversations!

This course provides an excellent opportunity to discuss sex with your child while also allowing you to incorporate your own family values. We are all busy, tired, and distracted by our daily to-do lists, and it is easy to lose track of time and miss out on opportunities to talk with our children. This frequently necessitates consciously creating and even scheduling time for these crucial conversations.This course provides an excellent opportunity to discuss sex with your child while also allowing you to incorporate your own family values. We are all busy, tired, and distracted by our daily to-do lists, and it is easy to lose track of time and miss out on opportunities to talk with our children. This frequently necessitates consciously creating and even scheduling time for these crucial conversations.

This four-week course will literally hold your hand throughout THE TALK! Make sure you and your child PRACTICE discussing sexuality together.

Many parents tell their children, "If you have any questions, just ask." Perhaps your parents told you that. Mine, for one, did. But did you ask any questions? Will it be your child? Consider how awkward it is for us adults to initiate these conversations.

This all-inclusive family life program is unlike any other. Most instructors do not teach in the way that I do, taking complex medical terms and functions and making them simple and and easy to understand, not to mention making them fun! I use metaphors, excellent diagrams and visuals, and simple language to help children understand how their bodies work better. I use light humor, games, and activities to keep your child engaged and make this a fun experience for both of you.

Finally - proven strategies to master THE Talk so you can talk WITH your child, not AT your child.

6 hours of video content to help you and your child talk about growing up and sex, workbooks to dive deeper into the material, access to engaging games and activities to strengthen your relationship with your child, access to additional course material for tougher talks, a private Facebook community, monthly live Q&A sessions, AND access to an expert to answer ALL your questions along the way are all included.

I wanted the course to be affordable so as many families as possible could benefit from it.


Topics Covered


WEEK 1: Intro to our bodies

Dive deep into the world of human anatomy and understand the changes that come with puberty. This week covers:

  • Session 1.1: Introduction to Our Bodies - Discover the wonders of human anatomy and the changes that come with puberty.
  • Session 1.2: Why Are We Here? - Understand the purpose and goals of this course.
  • Session 1.3: What is Sexuality? - Explore the broad spectrum of sexuality and its significance.
  • Session 1.4: Puberty Body Changes - Delve into the physical and emotional changes during puberty.
  • Session 1.5: Female Anatomy - A detailed look at the female reproductive system.
  • Session 1.6: Male Anatomy - A comprehensive overview of the male reproductive system.
  • Session 1.7: Course Summary and Ground Rules - Setting expectations and guidelines for a respectful learning environment.

WEEK 2: Reproduction, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

Embark on a journey to understand the miracle of life, from conception to childbirth:

  • Session 2.1: Who Am I? Review Activity - Reflect on the learnings from the previous week.
  • Session 2.2: Sex and Babies - Understand the connection between intercourse and conception.
  • Session 2.3: Pregnancy and Conception - Learn about the process of fertilization and the stages of pregnancy.
  • Session 2.4: Childbirth - Discover the miraculous process of bringing a new life into the world.
  • Session 2.5: Teenage Trouble - Discuss the challenges and responsibilities of teenage pregnancies.
  • Session 2.6: Egg Baby Activity - A hands-on activity to understand the responsibilities of parenthood.

WEEK 3: Baby Stoppers

Dive into the world of family planning, understanding the costs of raising a child, and resisting peer pressure:

  • Session 3.1: Cost of Raising a Child - A realistic look at the financial and emotional costs of parenthood.
  • Session 3.2: Birth Control - Explore the various methods couples use to plan their families.
  • Session 3.3: Peer Pressure - Equip yourself with tools and strategies to resist sexual pressure and make informed decisions.

WEEK 4: Mission No Transmission

Equip yourself with knowledge about sexual health, consent, and the digital age:

  • Session 4.1: What's My Method? Review Game - Test your knowledge on birth control methods.
  • Session 4.2: Gender and Orientation - Understand the diverse spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations.
  • Session 4.3: Relationship Violence - Recognize the signs and learn how to protect yourself.
  • Session 4.4: STDs - Educate yourself about sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them.
  • Session 4.5: Sex Online - Navigate the challenges and dangers of online relationships.
  • Session 4.6: Jeopardy Game and Closing - A fun way to review everything you've learned and conclude the course.

The Benefits & Results!




BONUS #1 - FREE Parent's Corner course (Value $39) 

Included is a full year's access to an exclusive Parent's Corner course with over 2.5 hours of training. Here you can access videos to support you along your Talk journey. 


BONUS #2 - "For When They’re Ready" videos (Value - Priceless!) 

These cover all the “tough” talks.  You can watch the videos for tips and scripts on how to approach the conversations yourself or simply watch them with your child.


These are the talks many parents get squeamish about, take a look at the list!  The videos are simple, to the point and address many of the harder subjects that parents must cover.  You're welcome!!

BONUS #3 Access to a private Facebook group (Value $29) 

Connect with me and other families taking the course in our private Facebook group. Plus in the course you can comment and ask questions at ANY time. There is even a special link to submit questions anonymously! 

BONUS #4 - Two Activity Books (Value $40)

to accompany the program to help families dive deeper into discussing the topics and practice bonding. One for you and one for your child. 

Special Surprise Bonus!! 

The Truth About Porn & Consent E-course ($39 Value)

In today's digital age, it's essential for middle schoolers to be equipped with accurate information and a clear understanding of sensitive topics like pornography and consent. That's why, as a special bonus for enrolling in our "Talking the Middle School" e-course, we're offering you complimentary access to "The Truth About Porn and Consent."

"This class was INVALUABLE!! I can’t tell you how glad I am that I took this class with my child. AWESOME!"


"I enjoyed this class more than I expected. I learned a lot and you made it fun, and less awkward. I can’t thank you enough!"

McAuliffe Student

"Wish there was a program like this when I was a kid!"

Chris W. - Parent

"Before doing these classes, I felt like I could talk to my mom about this stuff but didn't really want to, but now I WILL go to my mom about all this stuff!"

Ashley - Age 11

"@thetalkinstitute has made it so easy and engaging for the boys to learn about all the things related to puberty, the female body and reproduction and a whole lot more. Doing one more class on social media."

Ami D.

Here’s why there is no risk… 

Here is what I’m willing to do for you to try the program today for no risk. You can try it and preview the content for 14 days to make sure it is for you. 

There is a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!  

If for any reason you don’t like my style of teaching or the content is not what you were expecting or what your child is ready for, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. 


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